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Women’s Nonprofit Leadership Initiative

The Women’s Nonprofit Leadership Initiative (WNLI) team hired Samantha Digital to redesign their current website. 

Their primary goals were to improve the overall design, user experience, and navigation. WNLI already had established branding with a logo, but wanted to increase the level of professionalism and trust for visitors on their website.

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The Home Page

The original WNLI home page had only a hero section (the part of the website before a user continues to scroll) with a blue overlay and white text. The lack of hierarchy made it difficult for users to determine where to look first and could be seen as a bit overwhelming for first-time visitors.

The SD team built out this page to include additional sections to answer the key questions: who (WNLI), what (Nonprofit Board Diversity), and why (good governance for large public-serving nonprofits).


The About Page

The original About page contained a lot of great information but was presented in a way that discouraged visitors from taking the time to learn more.

The SD team redesigned this page to be interactive and provide bite-sized chunks of information, providing the organization’s mission, values, research, and more. When a user hovers (or clicks and holds on mobile), additional information would appear on screenabout the topic selected.

The Members Page

The original Members page was packed (too packed) with highly successful women in leadership roles supporting the WNLI nonprofit.

The SD team designed the page to give each member their own spotlight, making it much easier to review the members of the organization..


The Contact Page

It’s easy to simplify a contact page down to a few lines of text with an email address, but this is a big mistake.

By providing a user friendly contact form, readers are encouraged to contact the organization immediatley. They don’t have to jump through hoops to open gmail, start a new message, etc.

This super clean and professional contact page was designed for conversions and the end user in mind.

The Things You Can Page

The Things You Can Do Page is another example of a page with a lot of good information, but relatively hard to read.

The SD team redesigned the page to organize the information in more of a ‘checklist’ format, wher users can click the various headings to learn more about each initiative.


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