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Premium free Elementor Pro templates designed and developed for WordPress websites and Elementor Pro. We offer many Elementor templates that are free to download. All Elementor templates are strategically built, modern, responsive, SEO-friendly, and designed to grow your business on a budget.

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Is A Free Elementor Pro Template Right For You?

It's For You If...

You're a curious corporate employee. You're still at your 9-5 but you're looking for something more. You may want to start a blog, grow your social media channel, or start freelancing.

You're an early-stage blogger. Most blogging tutorials recommend a free WordPress theme. We believe that's an outdated recommendation. In 2023, you a website that's modern, responsive, easily customizable, and light-weight (like our templates).

You're a small business on a budget. If a custom web design isn't in your budget, then an Elementor Pro Template is a great place to start (short term).

It's Not For You If...

You're a growing small business. Your website is the 'digital face' of your business. Investing in a high-quality web design early on will pay dividends in the future.

You're a large corporate organization. At the end of the day, a large organization needs a custom website. 

You have a lot of complex requirements. Our Elementor Pro Templates go above and beyond a basic website, but they still have their limitations. Unless you plan to invest your time implementing those complex requirements, you're better off investing in a web development project.

Getting Started With Your Free Elementor Template Is As Easy as 1-2-3

1. Set Up Your WordPress Website

2. Import Your Template

3. Customize Your Website

Free Elementor Pro Template FAQs

Elementor is a website builder for WordPress.

With Elementor, you can design and develop a professional, user-friendly and responsive without having experience in design or coding.

Elementor offers both a free and paid plugin. 

The free Elementor plugin is perfect for beginners getting started and can be downloaded directly from the WordPress plugin library.

The paid Elementor plugin (Elementor Pro) can be purchased and downloaded from the Elementor website.

Elementor pro is not free. Check out the pricing here.

Technically, no. You could purchase Elementor Pro for 1 year to design and build your website. 

There are several ways to download Elementor Pro templates for free. The first option is to head to . Another option is from the Elementor website directly.

If you stop paying for Elementor Pro, you won’t be able to access the latest Pro features or upgrade your version of Elementor Pro. Therefore, if something breaks on your website, you may be out of luck, unless you renew your subscription.

In order to use this template, you need a WordPress website and both the Elementor and Elementor Pro plugin. 

The best theme to use with Elementor is the Hello by Elementor theme.

We may be bias – but in our opinion, nothing; Elementor is the best website builder on the market in 2022.

Elementor pro is not lifetyle. Check out the pricing here.

No, Elementor is still required if you have Elementor Pro.

This depends on the subscription that you purchase. Check out the subscription options here.

Yes, Elementor is very professional! Our was built with Elementor, along with every website in our portfolio.

Samantha Digital is an affiliate of Elementor. This means we may earn a small commission if you purchase an Elementor Pro license at no additional cost to you.  However, the Elementor Pro website templates you see on the Samantha Digital website were designed and developed by the Samantha Digital team alone.

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