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Green Mood Boards

In today’s digital world, visuals matter immensely. Whether we’re talking about website designs, marketing collateral, or just personal projects, having a unified vision becomes paramount.

This is where the concept of a mood board comes in. A mood board, especially a green mood board, can act as a visual anchor, marrying natural elements with design themes to produce unique, resonant content.

Fruit Hues

Avocado Essence

Urban Oasis

Verge Vogue

Floral Whispers

Zesty Sips

Leafy Loom

Lime Luminescence

Geometric Greens

Textured Tranquility

Summary of Green Mood Boards

  1. Fruitful Hues – A mood board that captures the diverse palette of green seen in fruits from apples to kiwis.
  2. Avocado Essence – Delving into the rich, creamy shades of avocados, from its outer skin to its lush center.
  3. Urban Oasis – A city-inspired mood board capturing the touch of greenery amidst concrete jungles and skyscrapers.
  4. Verge Vogue – An ode to fashion, this mood board encapsulates the grace and allure of green in apparel, accessories, and style.
  5. Floral Whispers – Celebrating the myriad of green hues present in flowers, from stems to petals, and the serenity they bring.
  6. Zesty Sips – A refreshing take on green in our favorite juices, from cucumber coolers to green apple delights.
  7. Leafy Loom – Capturing the essence of various leaves, from their shapes, veiny structures, to their distinctive green shades.
  8. Lime Luminescence – A vibrant mood board focused on the tangy and tantalizing shades of limes.
  9. Geometric Greens – A foray into patterns, this board combines symmetry, design, and the color green in mesmerizing layouts.
  10. Textured Tranquility – Delving into the feel and intricacies of different textures that the color green takes on, from velvety moss to rough jade stones.

Why Go Green?

There’s something about the color green that resonates deeply with us. It reminds us of open fields, dense forests, and the peaceful tranquility of nature. A green mood board captures this essence by weaving together images, colors, and designs that are inspired by Mother Nature. It could be a leaf, the pattern of tree bark, or even the mesmerizing view of a cascading waterfall — every image paints a story, one that exudes calmness, freshness, and growth.

Creating a Green Mood Board

When setting out to create your green mood board, start by collecting ideas. What kind of feelings or themes are you looking to convey? Is it the lushness of a tropical jungle, the serenity of a quiet forest, or maybe the vibrancy of a spring meadow? Once you have a theme in mind, it’s time to dive into the world of images. Platforms offer a myriad of templates, which you can edit content on to create your own customized version. Choose your images carefully. They don’t necessarily all have to be overtly green in color, but they should align with the green mood you’re aiming for.

Download high-resolution images, ensuring that they fit well with your theme. The colors in your chosen images should complement each other. While green would be the dominant color, introducing other colors like black for contrast or different shades of green can give depth and variety to your mood board. It’s all about balance and ensuring that the colors and images bring out the best in each other.


The art of creating a mood board, particularly a green mood board, is in its ability to evoke emotions. Through the clever use of images, colors, and design, one can craft a narrative that speaks to the heart.

So, the next time you’re embarking on a project or just looking to encapsulate your feelings, remember the magic that a well-crafted green mood board can bring to your vision. It’s not just a compilation of random images and colors; it’s a story, a feeling, a journey into the beautiful world of nature and design.

If you’re looking for more color palette inspiration, check out our color mood boards:

Each of these mood boards were created using simple templates in Canva, which is a free tool we highly recommend for beginners creating mood boards.

We hope you enjoy each green mood board – let us know what you think in the comments below.