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Mini Branding Services:

Show up confidently online from Day One.

Why invest in mini branding services?

The Benefits:

What's Included In Our Mini Brand Service:

Brand Strategy

This is your roadmap that defines your brand's purpose and unique value in the marketplace. A clear brand strategy helps you make informed decisions, ensures consistency in messaging, and positions your brand effectively to connect with your desired audience.

Mood Board

This is your visual representation of your brand's look and feel, incorporating elements like colors, textures, and patterns. Mood boards serve as a visual guideline ensuring all creative elements align with your brand's vision, creating a cohesive and compelling identity.

Word Mark Logo

A custom-designed word mark primary logo that serves as the face of your brand to increase brand recognition and establish trust. Note our mini brand service does not include a decorative logo design (think logos like the Target, Instagram, or Starbucks logos).

Logo Mark (Favicon)

A simplified version of your wordmark logo designed to be recognizable at small sizes. This logo mark, often used as a favicon for websites, ensures brand visibility in browser tabs, bookmarks, mobile apps, and more.

Color Palette

A set of 4-6 colors that represent your brand across all platforms. Consistent brand colors enhance brand recognition, evoke the desired emotional response, and help maintain visual consistency across platforms

Typography Selection

The selection of fonts that will be used across your brand communications. The right typography reinforces your brand's personality, ensures legibility and consistency across all content, from your website to your marketing materials.

Hey, I’m Samantha

Here's The Deal:

Your brand is arguably the most important part of your business, whether you’re an online or brick-and-mortar business. And I’m here to help you start things off on the right foot, and show up more confidently.

With our Mini Brand Package, you’ll have a solid, professional brand identity that stands out from day one. Together, we’ll create a branding that not only looks great as a reflection of your own style but also resonates with your ideal clients, setting a strong foundation for your business.

Our Mini Brand Design Process

Here’s how the mini package service is going down:

Step 1

Brand Strategy

We kick things off with a call to dive into your brand's strategy and goals. We'll chat about your mission, vision, values, and who you're trying to reach. This is where your branding really begins to take its form!

Step 2

Mood Board Creation

We'll put together two mood boards that capture different visual directions for your mini brand. You get to choose the one that feels right for you, and that choice will guide the design process ahead, giving your brand its initial form.

Step 3

Mini Brand Development

With your chosen mood board in hand, we start crafting your word mark logo design, favicon, color palette, and selected fonts. This is where your branding starts to come alive! Our design process ensures every element reflects your unique identity.

Step 4

Feedback &

After the initial designs are ready, we'll send them over for your feedback. We'll have two rounds of revisions to perfect your brand's visual identity, including the final logo files/final logo design, favicon, color palette, and fonts.

Step 5

Brand Guidelines & Assets Handover

After two rounds of revisions and ultimately finalizing your brand visuals, we'll deliver a brand guidelines document and all essential assets (final logo files, etc.). This ensures consistent branding across all platforms.

Step 6


And then, the exciting part – we launch your brand! It's time to show off your rebrand and new look to the world and start making your mark with your new brand identity. Get ready to show up more confidently - like never before!

Mini Branding Service Investment

Let’s do this!

Mini Brand Package

  • Brand workbook & strategy session
  • Mood board development (2 options)
  • Logo word mark (horizontal and vertical)
  • Logo mark (aka favicon)
  • Color palette (4-6 colors)
  • Launch graphics for social media
  • Brand guidelines cheat sheet
  • Timeline: 2 weeks

Want to chat first? Book a discovery call.

Mini Brand Package FAQs

Of course!! Once you are ready to move forward, head to our booking page, where you’ll be prompted to complete the proposal, sign the contract, and make your first payment. If you would like a quick call first, we would be happy to meet – please use the link above to book.

Once these quick three steps are completed, we will reach out to get your brand design scheduled and send over the brand strategy workbook! We generally book 1-3 weeks out, but it depends on our schedule and yours. You may contact us anytime to get a better idea of our availability.

Please keep in mind that the brand strategy workbook is due before your brand strategy call to ensure we have ample time to review the workbook, prepare adequately, and ensure that the strategy call is utilized effectively.

Payment is split into two equal payments. 50% is due in order to reserve time on our calendar. The remaining 50% is due one month later.

While the primary costs for our mini brand service are covered in the package price, there may be additional costs for specific fonts.

If your brand design requires a premium or licensed font that is not freely available, you may need to purchase it separately. We’ll inform you upfront if this applies to your project, ensuring there are no surprises.

We usually book 1-3 weeks out. In order to secure your design day on our calendar, you must complete the proposal, sign the contract, and pay a 50% deposit. Once these steps are completed, we will reach out to schedule your design day. If you would like to get a sense of our availability in advance, please contact us.