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Samantha Digital Newsroom

Welcome to Samantha Digital’s Newsroom! Here, we share the latest news, updates, and insights on entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and more. Stay informed and up-to-date with our valuable resources and perspectives, including news from external sites where Samantha Digital and Samantha have been featured.

TCG Site Of The Day

Date: March 2023

The Samantha Digital website was featured among top web designers on March 17, 2023, on Top CSS Gallery's Site of The Day Award. "Top CSS Gallery is a unique design global platform for showcasing and awarding the top websites with CSS web design."

30 Entrepreneurs Share Their Tips and Tricks for Staying Motivated

Date: February 2023

Samantha was recently featured in CB Nation's post "30 Top Tips for Staying Motivated." Samantha was listed among 30 other successful entrepreneurs. Read the article to learn Samantha's top tip, and those of other successful entrepreneurs.

13 Worst Website Mistakes Huring Your Business

Date: February 2023

Check out Samantha's featured post on A Self Guru, where she discusses the 13 worst website mistakes that could be hurting your business. Click to learn more about how we can help you avoid these common pitfalls and optimize your online presence.

Samantha Digital LLC Marketing Agency Press Release

Date: February 2023

Samantha Digital was featured in The Digital Journal. Check out the PR to learn more. "Digital Journal is a global media platform and content partner that elevates voices in the news cycle by capturing and covering firsts."

How To Successfully Juggle Full-Time Work With A Side Gig

Date: January 2023

Samantha was recently featured in Go Banking Rates for their expert advice on successfully balancing a full-time job and a side gig. Read the full article to learn how to more about how to avoid conflicts of interest while growing your side gig with full time work.

Inbound Marketing Certified

Date: January 2023

Samantha achieved Hubspot's Inbound Marketing Certificate which covers the fundamentals of inbound marketing, buyer personas, the buyer's journey and more.


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